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Hanging Out with Family - Daniel's parents and youngest brother Andrew came back to the States for the summer and we had a blast spending time with them, as well as with some of Katie's family in San Diego. Summer 03.

Hiking Spring 2003 - We had several opportunities to get outdoors and see the beauty of the more rural parts of the L.A. area, on foot, by bike and by ropeswing. Spring 03.

Grand Canyon Havasupai Backpacking Trip - We got to hike down into the Grand Canyon and spend 3 nights down there with Daniel's family and a bunch of friends. Great camping & awesome waterfalls. 6/23.

Waterfall Hike
- Daniel & his brother Joe got the chance to lead the highschoolers at our church on one of our favorite hikes in this area up to a waterfall. 6/08.

Takahashi Wedding
- Katie's mom got re-married to Sher Takahashi. 5/24.

Hollis Wedding
- Katie's sister got married. 4/12.

Rugby in the mud at Biola
- The recent rains inspired us to get out and play some rugby once again. See photos of us sliding through the marshy field, and having mud fights. 3/17.

Biola Missions Conference 2003
- Photos from the Filipino lunch, and the West Papua cultural experience that Joe helped set up. 3/12-14.

San Elijo State Beach - camping at the beach with family. 1/24-26.

Mud Caves
- Camping in the Anza Borrego desert. 1/19-20.

Issler Wedding - Dan & Christa (Benedetto) Issler wedding. 1/11.

Christmas & New Years in San Diego - Celebrating with our family in San Diego. 12/29/02 - 1/2.

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2002 photos

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baby photos

Daniel's Baby photos. See photos of Daniel growing up in the jungle of Irian Jaya.

Katie's Baby photos. See photos of this cute California girl.

daniel's photo album & stories

I have a bunch of photos on my personal site along with stories of various adventures I've been on. Check them out below

Baja 2001 -- where I proposed to Katie.

Baja 1999 -- the first time I met Katie, and the trip Micah and I actually got to go scuba diving in Baja.

Baja 1998 -- Micah and Dan's first trip to Baja filled with lots of unexpected adventure.

Oxford, England -- My visit to Katie while she was studying in Europe.

Spring & Summer 2000 at Biola -- Some fun with friends around Biola.

Davao, Philippines Summer 1999 -- One of my visits home with my family.

Joshua Tree Camping with the GROSS boys -- Our first bonding trip.

The story of my MAF Internship in Indonesia helping the locals with computer support.

My computer graphics project of a 3D rotating house written in Java.