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Katie Marathon: San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon June 6, 2005
Tuesday November 12, 2019  
What roads would any dare to tread, what safety would there be in quiet lands, or in the homes of simple men at night, if the Dúnedain were asleep, or were all gone into the grave?... Yet we would not have it otherwise.
Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

Katie Runs the San Diego Marathon

After 6 months of training, 2 injuries, $2500 worth of fundraising, and 20 years of wondering if I actually had it in me ... I set out to run my first marathon. There were so many people in the race that it took a full 5 minutes before I actually reached the starting line from where I began in the middle of the crowd, but I finally did. Then, it was another 5 hours 23 minutes before I would actually cross the finish line ... but I did it!

The first 17 miles literally felt like they flew by, and I enjoyed perfect running weather (heavy clouds and sprinkles), dozens of bands playing music along the way, the camaraderie of fellow runners (especially the 3300 other Team-in-Training participants), and my dear family cheering me on from their bikes which they rode along part of the route!

But around mile 18, life turned very sour as my stomach refused to digest the 3 large bricks that someone decided to stick in there. I pushed through to mile 22 where I almost gave up, and fought idealism to let myself finish the race at a pace that acknowledged my body's limitations.

I'm very glad I did it, and although I'm not exactly racing out to sign up for my next marathon, there is a half-marathon this Fall that sounds about my speed ...

Recent photo comments

katrina: wow, you look beautiful even after all that! we love you and we're proud of you!

Lem: Katie, this is an awesome feat for an awesome cause. I'm proud to say I know you.

Melissa j: I am just in awe of the spirit of perserverance God has given you Katie. What an incredible day for such a worthy cause, and surrounded by such a loving family. You truly are blessed!!! Way to go!!!

Rachel Loth: what a special day - you are so amazing Katie! Looking at these picts you had a great support team too :) Great job!

Erica: Find Frica

Erica: Sorry Kate, you're not at the finish line yet!

Katie: love the zoom lens in his left pocket (and who knows what else in his other ones ...)

Katie: man ... i can't believe the guy next to me is smiling in a sweatshirt ...

Katie: I like how my medal turned just enough to dodge the camera ... ;)

Katie: Joseph Armstrong - his shirt may not be yellow, but his fanny pack sure is!

Katie: I actually did more reading in the major influx of Kenyan runners in US marathons, and found a really interesting exerpt from a book written by a Kenyan runner and his experience coming to the US and racing professionally. You can read it here. He talks about the average Kenyan kid who runs 16 miles or more a day growing up, just to get to and from school ... the tricky process of being selected by an agent to run abroad ... the "running camps" they have back home in Kenya that many elite runners return to train at a few months each year (much like military training, but of course with such a warm, beautiful, help-each-other aspect to it, typical of African culture), and more.

Katie: cheater

that sure looks fun though ...

Katie: Justen: NO WAY!! IT'S ELVIS!!!

Micah: See the trailer at Apple Movie Trailers (called Murderball) about the guys who play full-contact rugby in wheelchairs! Pretty impressive what "handicapped" people do.