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Joshua Tree Plane Trip Photos - Amos Collins, Heidi, airplane trip

Flying to Joshua Tree

Thanks to my pilot friend Amos Collins, we had the amazing opportunity to take a weekend trip to Joshua Tree National plane! Amos and his fiancee Heidi flew up from San Diego and picked us up at the nearby Fullerton Airport Friday afternoon. We stuffed our camping gear into the small 4-seater, and then flew to Yucca Valley, a small town close to Joshua Tree. Not only is flying in a small plane tons of fun (especially with friends), but it's also quite gratifying when you can look down below at the traffic on the 91 freeway that you would otherwise be stuck in. We rented a car in Yucca Valley so we could drive into the park, and managed to find a camping spot despite the campground being "full."

On our way back, we had a bit of extra time, so Amos let me do some flying myself, including taking off twice (though he did most of the work during the takeoff, like worrying about the flaps and throttle). We also got to fly over the park, which was great. It was really interesting to see the huge rocks from above.

Besides the flying, we really enjoyed hanging out with Amos & Heidi, and spending some more time in Joshua Tree.

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Katie: dehydration

Sher: When it dries, it will make a great fire log.

Amos: Daniel, I thought YOU were flying?

Daniel: Doh! No wonder we started to roll!

Sher: Co-Pilot Daniel. Isn't flying great?

Sher: No, Amos, NOT the Interstate-125 . . . You're cleared to land at Joshua Tree!

Katie: i love this shot. this is totally how i'm going to remember heidi.

just kidding heidi.

heidi: ARRRRRR...that's right....this is what happens when you mess with a dutch girl, the claws come out.
is ANYONE intimidated??

glad you find the photo so amusing,katie. might need to say a prayer for amos though, hope he knows what he's getting himself into;)

debi mangiameli: I think Amos got Heidi w/ his big toe- you know how he pinches w/ his toes.....

Amos: Aunt Debi, you're embarrassing me, when nobody knows what you're talking about. (I thought it was funny though)

Joe: Great shot!

debi mangi: I think Daniel needs to be your wedding photographer! Great job!

Robin Hodges: I am so happy for Amos and Heidi! Hope they can come visit Joel and I at our ranch in Bandera, Texas.

Chris Kuhlow: Amos, you guys are so perfect. :) Beautiful photos!

(anonymous): What are you looking at. . .

Justen: That is a cool looking plane, I love the colors.

Katie: Yeah me too! It's kinda like a box of aluminum foil ...

heidi: phwaw... love this one! joshua tree was heaps cooler than i expected, i thought there'd be one tree per 10 kilometers or something, so when we were flying over and i saw these bizarre trees popping out all over the place i was completely blown away. leaves every U2-obsessed bone in my body quite satisfied. well done daniel, you've got some brilliant skills with that camera.

Joe: Awesome lighting!

MWS: They look like sea urchins.

Joe: They're left over from the flood. Proof of the Bible! =D

Katie: i could tell. my stomach was in knots.

MWS: Did you invert the picture to make it more plausible?

MWS: I called it without even reading the caption!

Katie: this is me being a supportive wife

Katie: no, he actually did really well and i was impressed. but the first time he took off, the plane kept bumping up and down and dropping like it was broken and we were all going to die. i kept thinking, "Amos will take the controls now, right? RIGHT???" But it turned out that it was just a lot of turbulence, and not Daniel's fault at all. At least that's what Amos said...

Katie: when we first saw them, it was only the two small boys on the multi-seater bike. They were like 7 and 9. I was like, Dude. These kids are tough. They have camping gear on the back of this bike and they're out here, roughing it all by themselves. wow.

then we saw the parents.

i'm still impressed.

Katie: we look like we're balancing this boulder on our heads and shoulders

Katie: i look like i'm doing lizard push-ups. and heidi was magically shrunken, clinging to amos' foot for her life.

Katie: Our fire looks like a nuclear explosion =)

Nice work guys

Katie: I love how in this picture you actually see the fireline so vividly.

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