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Katie L.A. Marathon Photos and riding the LA Metro

L.A. Marathon

So, although I was certain after my last marathon (June 2005) that I never wanted to run 26.2 miles again... I did it again. I ran the L.A. Marathon on March 4, finishing in 5 hours (and one minute :)...). I had a better experience than last time, although I was still bothered a lot by stomach cramps. My awesome cheering squad (Daniel and Erica), met up with me at 3 different points along the route. Here are photos from the expo (Friday) and the race (Sunday).

Recent photo comments

Dad G: Great shot. Looks like you're ready.

Erica: Your bangs look really cute

Katie: awww thanks! :D

(I actually thought when I saw this picture, ok that's it - I'm growing out my bangs ... maybe i'm behind the times though. you and mom keep me in line :) )

Mom Peckham: I LIKE your bangs, too !

Mom T: With a face like that, Katie, you could be bald and still look good.

Sher: I am sittin' on the dock of the train..................

Mom T: Cute girl.

Katie: this looks strangely like the back of Erica's prom dress (I'm glad you didn't wear the blue headband, though, E)

Erica: This does look like my prom dress, the wrist bands would have been a nice touch too

Mom T: That is TOTALLY your prom dress. Do you still have it?

Erica: Very happy runner

Mom T: Kate - you look about 6'5" tall in this pix!

Katie: i like this one

Sher: Is this the metro or the L train?

Katie: This is the red line of the Metro - I don't actually know what an L train is.

Mom T: An L train is an Elevated Train. Remember the movie "Twelve Angry Men"?

Katie: What an awesome cheering squad I had! You guys are the best.

Sher: Your Mom and I really wanted to be there. Too bad we were so sick - we were there in spirit though.

Katie: you totally were! I know it took a lot to keep you guys in bed that day. :)

Mom Peckham: I'm so sorry we missed out on this one!

Katie: that's ok Mom P - I know if it hadn't been for the 18-hour flight, you guys would have been right there! :)

Mom Peckham: Congratulations, Katie! We're so proud of you!

Simon Schmuki: Congratulations, Katie. What a achievement! I think I could never do it. In about 5min I'm gonna go jogging in about 20cm of snow. That might be fun.

Katie: Thanks Simon! (and Mom :) ) I'm sure you could do it Simon - you're such an animal :)

Dad G: Is that Daniel?

Sher: He's got to be Vietnamese?

Erica: He's just the happy man, he and Katie should team up

Katie: maybe, but i think anyone who's pumping their fist after mile 20 would really bug me... by this point i felt much more like the guy behind him

Lem: What would be awesome is to listen to "Titles" from "Chariots of Fire" on repeat the whole five hours. Either that or "Go West Young Man" by MWS.

By the way, I really like this picture.

Tim: Go West Young Man by far.

Congrats, Katie!

Katie: Thanks guys! :)

Though, if either of you ever manages to listen to a single song on repeat for 5 hours straight, and still find it inspiring, that might even be more impressive than actually running a marathon.

Sher: Nice teeth - who's your dentist?

Katie: er ... i actually haven't been to the dentist in over a year and need to go again. and my upper retainer just broke so now i REALLY need to go... but thanks for the compliment! :)

Erica: I could not be this happy after 8 miles

Katie: yea ... i kind of look like that "Timotei" shampoo girl from back in the day ... you know the blond chick in the big sunny field, who's shaking her head with sheer joy of the shampoo?

Sher: Great picture...Must be a Clairol girl

Dad G: Havin' too much fun for a marathon.

Erica: She's just super happy to see us, and it's Clairol, so close!

Katie: Yeah, I think I am having too much fun for a marathon. You can't see it but right after this pictures was taken, someone totally shouldered me and grunted for me to get out of the way. I was happily cutting across other runners to get over the sidelines (well, I *was* trying to go between people, but it was hard not to be in anyone's way).

Katie: Erica I've forgotten his name already! Tim cox?... Josh Cox?

Dad G: What the heck! You girls are married! ;-{)

Mom Peckham: More Crayola orange shoes?

Erica: You had it, Josh Cox. Didn't you make him one of your myspace friends yet?

Katie: um, no not yet. but i will.

yeah mom p - i love his shoes too! maybe i could work it if i skipped the orange shirt...

dad ... what are you talking about??

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