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Half Dome Yosemite Hiking Backpacking Trip Photos Summer 2007

Half Dome Trip

Katie and I joined Erica, Dad Grider, and friend Dennis for an awesome 2-day trip up Half Dome...

All photo comments for this album

Mom T: stop it! Erica, you come down from there right this minute . . . .

Sher: Nice

John (Erica's step Dad in law): ...and she promised Justen she wouldn't do this again!

Katie Peckham: oh man do i love this shot!

Sher: Magnificent!

Jess: Beautiful. The colors are stunning

Aaron: Very nice quality of light. I like it.

John (Erica's step Dad in law): Light is very nice - you and Eliot Porter!

Katie Peckham: Not to be overly optimistic about it, but I honestly was glad later that we weren't at the peak for sunrise. From the base, we were able to see the morning light hitting Half Dome itself! which was so beautiful.

Daniel: Me too. The timing worked out great.

Aaron: Nice. You have some Galen Rowell action going on here. Looks like a gorgeous morning to be out in the mountains.

Sher: There is an awsome GOD out there

John (Erica's step Dad in law): Really beautiful photo Daniel - Glad to see you were too busy enjoying God's canvas to write down every f stop!

Sher: How old do you think this Bonsai is?

Bill: I know exactly where that tree is. Man it sucks to be so far from real mountains.

Katie Peckham: Bill & Becca, we miss you!

katrina: Bill, are you actually admitting that you've been in a National Park, like, one with people in it? (:

Daniel: Hey Kat...this is one of the best comments ever. I hope Bill sees it.

Sher: Okay who photoshopped this couple into this photo

Daniel: Tripod (which I lugged the whole way) took the photo. This is a HDR (high dynamic range) image.

Aaron: Does your version of PS do HDR on its own or are you still blending layers? How do you get good contrast throughout the image without overdoing it?

Sher: I knew you took the photo and you were really there. But when you do this HDR stuff you lost your blue sky. Why?

Daniel: I used the Photomatix HDR program for this; in many cases it produces great results a lot quicker than in PS. The sky didn't have any blue at all at this point. In fact, the sun hadn't even risen, and there was hardly any color in the sky at all.

Katie Peckham: wow - weird. we look like we're falling off the rock!

Katie Peckham: and we've turned into one of those couples who MATCH

that was not planned. please believe me.

wait. maybe that makes it even worse...

Sher: Daniel did you hike all the way without shoes?

Daniel: No. I've found that going barefooted a lot works better in the rain forest. Plus, my feat aren't what they used to be.

Joe: The last part, up the bare rock face, is WAY better barefooted. Actually, the whole hike is. =)

Daniel: Yeah, it's true that the last part, on the bare rocks is much better barefooted.

Katie Peckham: i can't believe how close to the edge it felt, when in the picture we have at least a foot! i'm sure not a daredevil... this was pushing it for me!

Sher: None but the brave.

Joe: Daniel? That looks like you were in a risky position?

Daniel: Actually, I was standing at their feet. I had the camera on my tripod, held it way out in front of me, and used the wired remote to trigger this shot.

Joe: nice.

Erica: Stupid pretty falls, stupid Mist trail

Sher: Did the Falls take a wrong turn?

Katie Peckham: no, but the trail did

Joe: I love these colors!

Mom T: Daniel Lee Peckham, you come back here!

Bill: Cool shot, but it makes my stomach feel funny.

Daniel: This was kind of a weird moment for me, because I decided not to walk out farther. Five years ago, I most likely would have. I must be getting old. Wisdom, or Wussiness?

Andy: Oh dang, I wanna go there now just to climb out on that thing! Sweet shot! Having not been there, I would say I probably would have taken another two steps out, but you said it was sloped down a bit? How wide was it there? That's a long drop....

Daniel: Where I was standing it's probably 3-4 feet wide, and it gets skinnier as you go out.

Joe: I have heard of a person who dragged a Santa Claus outfit up there, put it on, and then hung off the edge by his hands. For a Christmas card. I don't know if it's true, but I think it is. There are some not-so-intelligent people in the world...

Katie Peckham: notice how empty it is. this is labor day morning, and I believe that is one of the two busiest weekends out of the whole year. They did say they had fewer people this year than other years, but I also think it really helped to get up so early!

Joe: When I went it was so crowded and slow, I walked up and down the outside of the cable walkway, which is... almost as safe, and a lot quicker.

Katie Peckham: And there I waited for several more minutes, not really wanting to keep going alone. The gloves I was wearing (for protection against the steel cables) were too big and made it really difficult to get a good grip, and thus to feel very secure.

Joe: Don't wear gloves, or shoes. That's my advice.... Except for most people that might actually be a bad idea. I don't like the gloves either.

Katie Peckham: I regretted not getting in that day, but made up for it by a swim in the beautiful river the next day, after summitting the Dome.

Joh: Ahhh- Yosemite showers. . . . =)

Katie Peckham: they're the best!

Joe: I swam there. It was so cold my muscles started cramping, even those in my neck. Bad idea. =D

Katie Peckham: Visor. Aka.

Katie Peckham: I would change the stats on this shot to, "Taken by Ansel Adams, Jr. with a Canon EOS 20D," but then it would look like Daniel was boasting. But this way I can boast for him. :)

Mom T: Awesome, Daniel.

Sher: This photo was really taken by John Muir Jr.

Bill: Dude - Daniel "Galen Rowell" "Ansel Adams" Peckham. I'm so jealous.

Katie Peckham: I know you are Bill, but I got him first. That's life.


Joe: Um..... Wow... To the picture, and the comments. =D

Joh: On one of our hikes in Yosemite (at Taft point overlooking El Capitan) A British woman said to her fellow hikers, "I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's just some rocks and bloody trees"

Sher: You just have to understand the bloody Brits' sense of non-humor

Aaron: I backpacked across the north rim last summer, and an Asian woman we ran into kept insisting that she didn't know why it is called Half Dome when it really looks like a dolphin.

JY: Cute

Sher: Real cute

Mom Peckham: Daniel forgot HIS REI hat - purchased in Tomohon.

Daniel: Yeah, I couldn't find mine before the trip; it's been missing for a while, unfortunately.

Mom Peckham: Maybe you can buy another...

Katie Peckham: THIS January!!! YAY!!! :)

Mom Peckham: Ah, shade...

Mom Peckham: Still pretty spooky

Katie Peckham: hmm.... i wouldn't call it 'enjoying,' at least for me. :)

Mom Peckham: That's better...

Katie Peckham: I remember - you were exclaiming that someone stole your shoulder pads.

Erica: The rock cracked open and out popped Daniel

Tim: This is one of your better photos, Daniel. Profile picture material, I'd say.

Sher: I think I'll take a nap now.

Daniel: Tim: what about the last photo in this album?

Erica: The best part is he never touched it, this is just what it looked like when he crawled out of bed!

Sher: He looks tired.

Katie Peckham: I whipped the camera out as fast as I could, but still managed to miss the bluejay who'd just flown from it, to find a new nest

Katie Peckham: this was from the hangglider

Erica: My favorite part . . .

Katie Peckham: when I stuck my rear end out at you?


Sher: Going down is harder than coming up.

Katie Peckham: it was for me ... I would have done twice as well if I'd just stayed facing forward the whole time! My arms were so exhausted after I got down, because I couldn't see where I was going after turning to face the rock, so I'd get scared and have trouble staying as perpendicular as possible to the rock (which only made my arms have to work harder...)

Katie Peckham: we should have carried up a lounge chair. then you could really have relaxed! :)

Mom T: did your father actually let you go out to those places? I'm about to pass out looking at these . . .

Sher: It's okay Honey, he's just checking out those rocks for our rock wall.

Katie Peckham: This was before Dad got there =)

Katie Peckham: every time i see this shot i laugh.

Sher: I think I'll stop and rest now.

Katie Peckham: or stop and take a dump now?

Sher: I know I put it in here somewhere.

Bill: Good idea - you never know how unappetizing food is when you have to wipe the bear drool off of, until you do it.

Katie Peckham: ewwww

Katie Peckham: do rocks get jealous? hm..... interesting question....

Sher: No, unlike humans, they can co-exist peacefully.

Katie Peckham: the contrast in the colors is so neat!

Katie Peckham: awesome light

Sher: Remember: if lost, the moss always grows on the North side of the tree.

Katie Peckham: thanks - I always forget that actually

Sher: See where we parked our cars.

Bill: What a beautiful day for hiking. I've never been in Yosemite when the sky was that blue. It's always been pretty hideously smoggy. :(

Katie Peckham: smog in Yosemite ... that is so depressing.

Sher: Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho ...hey wait for meeeee

Katie Peckham: pretty much! :) that's the price of being John Muir Jr, I s'pose...

Sher: Who is that in the white T-shirt?

Daniel: Dad's friend Dennis

Katie Peckham: he's my friend too!

but yeah, I only met him through Dad. :) Hi Dennis!

Erica: I look like a weird freaky dead person

Sher: Isn't she cute.....

Katie Peckham: Dead person?! Look at that beautiful smile!

Katie Peckham: love this

Sher: Is it a totem pole?

Jess: Wow! This is an amazing picture. I love it.

Sher: Are those the Tetons?

Andy: The Tetons are in Wyoming. Unless there are others... This looks like Mt. Whitney to me. Is it?

Daniel: Yes, Whitney

Sher: Oh you put your right foot in and you........Hey someone's not playing by the rules.

Erica: Completely delirious at this point

Sher: Did my pack work for you E.?

Erica: For reals, are we there yet?

Sher: Almost.......not quite.

Katie Peckham: dad, i love this picture of you :)

Sher: Stop him, he's an illegal, posing as a tourista.

Sher: Cable? What cable, I don't need no stinking cable.

Sher: You guys are scaring the pee out of me. Are you two out on that ledge?

Sher: Dude, this has got to be the most peaceful place in the world.

Sher: Father and Daughter together ... how sweet

Sher: Katie, please be careful.

Sher: Sister- sister

Sher: That's a little better

Mom T: ohmygosh . . . this makes me weak in the kneees . . .

Sher: OH My GOD...You should see Him from here

Sher: These steps are just too far apart.

Sher: John Muir Jr.?

Sher: Isn't Nature wonderful.

Sher: Daniel, can we do a tyrolean traverse from here to that peak?

Sher: WOW.......Awesome

Sher: Did we miss the turn off? This looks mighty steep to me.

Sher: God is sooooooo awesome.

Katie Peckham: it's amazing how much further down the valley floor is from the "base" of Half Dome. Such a steep fall!

Sher: Beautiful

Katie Peckham: the hike sure looks short and easy from this shot. We'll be there in 5 minutes!

Sher: Take the Mist Falls Trail.....Riiiiiiight

Katie Peckham: I dragged my feet a little on the way to pose for this picture. It made a little rut.

Mom T: You're funny!

Sher: You're a tree hugger...Aren't you?

Katie Peckham: it looms in the distance. it calls to us.

"psst. Hey fools. You wanna piece of me?"

Sher: Hey who's the big guy on the left? Now if I were on the right, we could be bookends.

Erica: Actually this one is yoga

Sher: Erica I really liked all your poses. Actually could it be a scale?

Katie Peckham: Erica looks like she could fit in Daniel's pocket.

Sher: Daniel: "Where the heck are we?"

Erica: can we say perspective?

Mom T: Way cool picture!

Sher: Cingular gives you more bars...Or could this be Stonehenge?

Sher: Just follow the cracks - you'll get there.

Sher: Who are those guys?

Erica: This is my pretend smile, I'm hating the Mist Trail already

Erica: Yeah, and he still didn't like this one

Katie Peckham: oooo

Katie Peckham: you can see the smile fading. i'm getting tired.

Katie Peckham: another favorite.

Katie Peckham: another beauty

Katie Peckham: I was surprised to see the other points that look so similar to Half Dome (Mt. Broderick and Liberty Cap). The whole valley is pretty spectacular.

Katie Peckham: now Erica will no longer fit in Daniel's pocket, but I could squash Dennis with my foot.

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