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Daniel Katie Peckham Thanksgiving Photos - Templeton with Joe Jessica

Thanksgiving in Templeton

We spent Thanksgiving weekend up north in Templeton with Joe, Jessica, and her family. It was good to meet the rest of Jessica's family, and enjoy the beautiful central CA coast. On Friday Katie and I rode our bikes 25 miles from Templeton to Cambria on the coast, where the others met us for some great Tri Tip sandwiches. We checked out the shops in town, and then headed up the coast a bit to San Simeon to see the elephant seals. On Saturday we headed south to Montana De Oro State Park near Morro Bay, and then stopped by San Luis Obispo on our way back. Sunday we drove back south and stopped by the touristy Danish town of Solvang, which we claimed as being Dutch since Joe and I are half Dutch (close enough, I think).

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Joylyn: wow, my sisters are beautiful! :) Jess, I'm so happy for you and Joe! Congrats! love you!

Katie: God, that was a cool idea - right on!

Katie: Trying to play Nertz with only two people just isn't the same (ahem, JOE and DANIEL who refused to play)

Jess: Yeah, and I guess it helps if you determine the rules before starting the game :) I guess we both won Katie

nertzfan: Hi , I found your photo by searching for "Nertz" online. It is cool to see others that know the game. I hope you don't mind but I just wanted to let you know about It has got a bunch of Nertz information there as well as videos and online Nertz games. Feel free to check it out. Also you, your friends, and family are welcome to join fellow Nertz players in The National Nertz Association while you are there.

Sher: Neat

Daniel: I like this one.

Sher: Are there any abalone here?

Katie: this one's older brother just stole his lollipop

Sher: If I were into reading lips, I think he's yelling MOM.

Katie: scratchin the chin

Sher: I think he wants to high five you?

Katie: Daniel's attempt at being Asian

Sher: An awesome couple

Sher: Beautiful

Katie: These were actually the cards that Daniel won in this game. Pretty unbelievable, huh?

Erica: That's awesome

Sher: A real MAN!!!!!

Katie: We saw a UFO. Seriously.

Sher: Katie look out, who is the alien behind you!

Dad: Now there's a keeper!

Mom Peckham: Hi Katie!

Sher: I Agree

Katie: so pretty!

Jess: Yeah, but the full moon didn't make for good stargazing. Usually you can see the milky way and soooo many stars.

Sher: I love maple trees, The moon is a nice touch

Katie: The Brows of Awesomeness

(ikan eyebrows :) :) )

Katie: oops...

i meant "eyebrows asli"

he he - anyone who knows indonesian will wonder what the heck I'm talking about, but Joe will get it... no joe you do not have fish eyebrows

Andy: wow, impressive.
"fishbrows"--WTH Katie?

Joe: Man, those eyebrows have freaked out many a kid... Especially when paired with the ears. =)

Katie: Joe's tree of terror... he used this mini-tree to hide in bushes and startle innocent passersby.

Jess: That was so funny. We had to try not to laugh so that we woudn't give it away. But the looks on some people's faces- Classic

Joe: Man. I want to try that again, with more people, and more trees. =D

Daniel: Nit Wits End

Jess: I love the clouds and the blueness of the sky here

Andy: Nice!

Jess: Beautiful Shot, Daniel

Erica: Hey Daniel, that's cheating

Jess: Thats what I said, but then he reminded us that Katie was reading the words in order to pick the answer.

Daniel: right outside the front door

Mom Peckham: Beautiful!

Jess: Fall! I miss the color changes because they are very limited in LA

Dad: Did you add to it?

Mom Peckham: Ewww!

Daniel: No, we didn't. But I think this would be the perfect place for rebellious Singaporeans to come. =)

Andy: Hey everyone, I hope to see you this Christmas! (You too Jessica =) )

Mom Peckham: Another great one!

Mom Peckham: Wow!

Mom Peckham: Beautiful colors!

Daniel: My camera was hanging from a tree branch by the strap for this photo. I had to keep telling everyone to scoot slightly this way and that to get it lined up correctly, since I had no control over where exactly the camera pointed. And it was swinging a bit.

Dad: Great shot and technique!

Mom Peckham: Great picture again! Thanks so much for this!

Mom Peckham: Great picture, guys!!

Dad: Hey, that's my jacket!

Katie: Yup!! It's one of the coolest parts of my winter wardrobe! I love telling people how old it is. It's still in such great shape! The inner pockets are a bit thin with a few small holes, but overall it's perfect! :) Pretty amazing, huh?

Dad: Is that you, D & K??

Dad: Another special hangin' & swingin' technique?

Andy: Cool rocks!

Daniel: Red wing blackbird.

Daniel: This photo shows why they call them "Elephant" seals.

Daniel: MEAT!

Daniel: Joe makes his big move.

Daniel: I'm pretty sure that's Spanish moss hanging down.

Katie: ouch

Katie: this seal kept chasing the other one, who didn't want to snuggle. I didn't know whether I felt worse for the one chasing or the one being chased.

Katie: elephant seals trying to look graceful are kinda hilarious

Katie: i like this

Katie: I was impressed with how straight all the (leaves? branches?) of their willow tree were cut at the bottom. Jess said that the deer eat them all to a certain length, and then you just trim off the strays. Pretty nifty!

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