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Christmas 2007 Family Photos

Christmas 2007

A selection of photos from Christmas in CA before we left for our trip to Indonesia. We were blessed with lots of good times with Joe, Jessica, Andy, and Katie's family in San Diego.

All photo comments for this album

Jess: I love this one! Katie and Joe doing what they do best together, being silly :)

Joe: =)

Joe: Jess, we are both very serious people!

Erica: Did you get this idea from me?

Katie Peckham: So eager to climb, they didn't even tie their shoes. Sigh.

Bill: Pirate's Cove?

Daniel: Right you are.

Joe: This one's definitely NOT good promo material.

Joe: Pi for breakfast?

Katie Peckham: I dunno, looks like he has roses on the brain to me


Joe: =)

Sher: Is that you Daniel?

Katie Peckham: Yes, Daniel would be the one that Andy is viciously choking (see the wild eye peeking out from beneath hood). I would be the one on his right, who is either:
(A) screaming because my husband's brother is choking him
(B) yawning my typical yawn
... you decide.

Joe would be the one with the stretched-out face. We believe this is because he got too close to the fire and began to melt.

Mom Takahashi: You all pretty much look like you're melting

Joe: It was really hot. I couldn't sit that close for long, even with my meditating.

Katie Peckham: hee :)

Joe: =D

Katie Peckham: We're all doing something cool with our Cheez-it, except me. I dropped mine in Joe's water bottle (but don't tell Joe that).

Joe: The hiking food of champions!

Katie Peckham: ya hear that Joe? Even without your hat on backwards! (OR the sunglasses!!) You just emanate coolness.

Joe: Yay!!!!

Joe: Beautiful!

Jess: I am so jealous that you all got to have fun without me.

Mom Peckham: I love it!

Mom Peckham: All calmed down again.

Mom Takahashi: ooooh, love this

Mom Takahashi: "I'm a little teapot . . ."

Mom Takahashi: You really pumped up that right bicep, Andy

Mom Takahashi: What foreign, exotic land did you say this was? Love all of these pictures, Daniel!

Gayle Grider: I really like this picture!

Katie Peckham: Me too! :)

Mom Takahashi: Cute picture with you dad, Kate.

Mom Takahashi: Photo taken by Sher Takahashi with a Canon EOS 40D . . . woo hoo!

Mom Takahashi: Not too inviting of a breakfast . . . 3 pills on a plate and an empty glass!

Katie Peckham: Mom & Sher win the cute prize for this picture, even though Peyton is a close second. Erica and I getting eaten by Mac n' Cheese is not cute, though perhaps a bit ironic.

Katie Peckham: I look like I'm trying to smile on behalf of everyone else in the picture who missed the memo

Katie Peckham: appropriate

Katie Peckham: awesome cookbook from Erica!

Katie Peckham: Hey, what a great shot for Explore's promo material! I bet there's some money in it for you, Daniel! :)

Katie Peckham: Christmas morning breakfast

Katie Peckham: He's a wee bit ticklish

Katie Peckham: Look out! I think your shadow is about to get away from you... :)

Sher: This looks like a good place to watch from.

Katie Peckham: I love your laughing face, Sher :)

Katie Peckham: Both Andy's and Joe's knees look like they are bending in incredible directions...

Katie Peckham: Me trying to fake Joe out so I could grab his camera and take some photos of the awesome sunset.

Katie Peckham: Me & Joe out on the rocks. What an awesome sunset that was!

Katie Peckham: Rock climbing harnesses from Andy!

Katie Peckham: Congratulations Mark & Shelley!

Katie Peckham: That brown rice with the craisins and candied pecans was AWESOME

Katie Peckham: Great picture!

Sher: Cutco anyone?

Katie Peckham: Nem looks like she'd buy Cutco from him. (I think she likes you Oli!) :)

Katie Peckham: Little Mermaid shot. Just call him Ariel Peckham.

Katie Peckham: so guys, what should our name be?

Suicide Sledders? If I Had a Snowshoe I'd Fly Away?

Katie Peckham: Joe's meal of bread, with a hint of peanut butter and jam, to satisfy the critics

Katie Peckham: mmmmm.... meat and garlic

Katie Peckham: Joe those are chopsticks for cheaters, no fair.

Katie Peckham: Observe Andy's reluctance at eating something else while he waits for the meat to cook.

Justen: Peyton's paw on Andy...Priceless

Sher: What are you doing?

Sher: Next year the works, waxing and manicure

Sher: I thought I was getting Gray..........

Sher: Praying to the God of FIRE?

Sher: Hang in there baby

Sher: New Years Safety Glasses

Sher: OH Boy, am I in trouble

Sher: Maybe the three muskateers

Sher: Where's Mom and DAD?

Sher: Look - it's Larry, Moe and Curley of the Three Stooges

Gayle Grider: I like this one for the Christmas card next year. What do you think?

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