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Anza Borrego Mud Caves Desert Camping Spelunking Photos

Anza Borrego Mud Caves March 2008

Photos from camping in the desert with friends from church, and exploring the mud caves of Anza Borrego. This is the same place we went back in 2006.

All photo comments for this album

Steve: Hey, great camping spot. Thanks to you all for a great experience over the weekend, it was truly a pleasure to share time with you all. Also, thanks for Dan's great work with camera and time spent in posting all the pics.

Rod: Great pics.. i am in a hiking club in O.C. & would really like to know where this is that you camped. Love to do a trip here. Thanks Rod

Katie: per Fr David's request. He was standing below the cliff's edge.

Joi: I actually have a pic of this too, but from way down near the pit. I'll post it on my Deviant Art site soon.

Stephanie: I've got some cool ones, too, which I'll post...eventually. Things have been slow on my side. Something about having almost a year's worth of photos to sift through.

Katie: ok, star wars fans. what is the pit called that Jabba the Hut wants to throw Hans Solo into?

That's where we found Stephanie mid-morning. Luckily she has mad karate skillz and was not devoured. booyea.

Joi: Sarlaac Pit. Stephanie's skills far surpass those of Lando Calrissian, obviously. *is a shameless geek*

Stephanie: You would not *believe* how persistent that thing was. It almost made me get my clothes dirty...

Stephanie: This is a great picture of Paul...thanks!

Katie: i LOVE this one!! so clean and intriguing

MWS: I like the cosmic energy radiating between to the touch contact points. Think how many stars had to explode just for that to happen.

Katie: Steve, excited about making us Turkish coffee in the morning. (And we were excited to have it made for us!)

MWS: Who makes Turkish coffee? I want to learn!

Mom Peckham: You look like you're really enjoying yourself!

Katie: i like this shot

Joi: Katie, you should've heard the song! Especially the part about God never finding us in the cave. :)

Katie: Fr David reading ghost stories

Joi: Well...stories that had something that was thought two be a ghost for about 2 seconds before a material explanation was found. I still prefer the Mad Scientists' Club stories for campfire reading.

Joi: ha! I like this one. I'm not sure why, but it makes me laugh.

Daniel: For those who weren't there, this was Fr. David doing a karate form.

Katie: no, c'mon. I know he was doing disco.

Joi: Heh. Disco Karate Ghost! That would be a great band name.

Katie: Joel is smiling because he just vaporized Steve

Katie: Paul receiving his new karate name

Katie: now THIS I wish I hadn't missed!

Katie: it looks like Joel is showing you all slides of his Grand Canyon trip last summer

Katie: beautiful profile/back shot. i love the line of the hat with the loose braid (that's a compliment both to the subject and the photographer!)

Katie: this is a great story shot

Joi: The mud looks almost like lacework here!

Father David: Looks like a crown, too!

Katie: man, when will we take a mud cave trip where we bring enough water that we could end the trip with a huge mud fight and then all rinse off enough to get in the cars and drive home?


that would be heavenly.

Katie: Indiana Schnorbus

Katie: i love the composition on this. are those rocks or mud balls?

Katie: so cooool!

Katie: midday heat. i don't regret that i missed this part.

Katie: Our great group: (L-R) us, Heather & Joel Berrier, Fr David, Steve Veselsky, Steph Schnorbus, Fr Earle Fox, Paul Schnorbus.

Katie: this was where I leapt over the side of the cliff and they never saw me again.

No, I'm not kidding - I had to leave early. But I didn't really leap. I kind of slid down the hillside. And Daniel sherpa'd me down.

Katie: All of us victorious over Jabba's disgusting pit.

Katie: oil lamps look way cooler than LED lights in caves. Actually, anywhere.

Katie: Paul with his cool lantern

Katie: wow, steph... it looks like we're really high up on some cool ledge... higher up than I remember feeling. guess that's the beauty of a fisheye lens. :)

Father David: This photo looks like a piece of art--super excellent!

Joi: Gorgeous! Almost abstract. Love it!

Joi: nice! I love how the warm light is all on the walls, and the cool light only on the floor. It really makes the contrasting textures pop!

Joi: Nice!!

Joi: Gotta love that warm oil-lantern light. I've found myself wanting to buy a lantern just for the warm glow and deep shadows!

Joi: Oooh...I like this one! I think the textures are one of my favorite things about the desert.

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