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Israel Jordan Photos - Highlights from Days 4-14 - Daniel Peckham Photography

Israel Jordan Highlights Set 2

Photo highlights from the rest of our Israel/Jordan tour (days 4-14). This doesn't cover everything of course; but it gives you a taste of some of the cool stuff we saw and experienced. Back to other albums

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Katie: This was such a cool morning. Young Jewish students studying the Torah (Torah = law of the Lord) under a rabbi do this their first morning of school. The rabbi gives the child a slate on which is written something like "May the Torah be my life". Then he puts a little honey on the slate, and instructs them to lick the honey. It is a tangible lesson for them to begin learning, at a very young age, that following God's law is sweeter than honey (Psalm 19).

Deisy: Sister Ketie,
Benar sekali....ikut perintah/hukum Tuhan adalah lebih manis dari madu. (Ini arti dari kalimat terakhir)

Skakkandnet: Terima kasih untuk blog yang menarik

Gevechoonevon: co szukalem, dzieki

immerttef: Terima kasih untuk blog yang menarik

Uncle Don: Loved your time-lapse video of Sydney Harbour, shots like this of your Israel - Jordon trip and many others of your adventures/photos. I'm overwhelmed by the excellence and professional quality( & quantity!) of your work. Looking forward very much to seeing you all at Christmas

Arnold burns: What is the exact measurment fo the outer court and height. in inches and ffeet?

Katie: Exodus 27 says 150 feet along north and south walls and 75 feet along east and west (again using cubits/feet conversion in NIV). I did not see a specification for height.

Katie: This is inside the Holy-of-Holies. This made me realize what an amazing honor prayer is. This is the innermost tiny part of the tabernacle, the place where God's special presence resided when Israel wasn't moving and following Him as a cloud by day and fire by night. For 364 days out of the year, no one was allowed in this chamber. No one could just come in and hang out with God whenever they wanted.

Do you want to know when they got to go in here?

One day of the year. One day. That's it. And even then? Only one guy gets to go in!! The high priest. On Yom Kippur, after making a lot of special sacrifices, the priest is allowed to go in the Holy-of-Holies and kneel in the presence of the Lord.

We are so lucky that we get to have God living inside of us - that we have access to Him whenever we want! What a privilege.

Arnold Burns: What is the exact hieght and room demision in feet and inches? Was the holy of holies square?

Katie: Hi Arnold,
I didn't measure when we were there. Exodus 26 lays out the design for the tabernacle with ancient measurements, and the makers of this model said they made it to scale according to the Bible. I just looked in Exo 26 but did not see exact measurements for this part. I'm guessing that if you actually followed the directions and built it, you would discover the measurements when you hung the curtains where they were intended. The ark fit inside of the Holy of Holies, and the ark was 3.75' long and 2.25' wide and high, so at least that would have fit inside (from Exo 25, plus conversion from cubits to feet by translators of New International Version of the Bible). I don't know if the room was square, and can't remember when I was there - sorry.

Jeff: I never seen so many columns in my life as I did in Isreael.

Laura: :( I miss that. I think I need to move out of IN and somewhere that has mountains...

Daniel: California has lots of mountains... :)

Jeff: This was my favorite place on the whole trip!

Jeff: This lookslike Micah with a beard and long hair!! haha

Katie: That's Masada behind us, and we're on Mt Eleazar. So you can see the distance between the two. Crazy thing is, you could totally hear things across the divide!

Jeff: Good thing no one fell over the edge! It was a long way down.

Laura: I loved this part... :)

Katie: Mt Eleazar is the mountain right next to Masada, named for Eleazar, the leader of the group of Zealots in Masada in the bar Kokhba revolt. Although he couldn't get into Masada, the Roman captain could get up on top of this mountain, so he'd yell across the gorge to Eleazar and try to get him to surrender. (Um, yeah. If I was in Masada, I don't think I'd surrender either.)

Laura: Yeah... this is right before the spot where I thought I couldn't go any further... but look behind us -- there was nothing to go back to, either. I'm glad I made it to the top, but if I never climb that mountain in 105 degree heat again, I won't be sad. :)

Katie: My favorite photographer. :)

I like how his lens is about as long as his legs...

Deisy: Brother Daniel,
berani dan suka main dengan camera Just like your father.

Mom Peckham: Deisy in her 20's works at our translation center - I didn't know she had gone to your website! "Brother Daniel, you're brave and like to play with your camera/photography just like your father."

Katie: SO refreshing after the heat of that desert!!

Deisy: Ka Ketie,
tangkaaaaaaap.....ka Dan !

Mom Peckham: Deisy in her 20's works at our translation center - I didn't know she had gone to your website! "Older sibling (kakak) Katie, catch older sibling Daniel!"

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