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Lake Tahoe Family Vacation Photos - Takahashi, Hollis, Peckham, Meissenburg

Lake Tahoe Family Vacation

Mom & Sher Takahashi planned a fun and relaxing family vacation for their side of the family at the beginning of October at Lake Tahoe. It was a great time to be together, and enjoy the beautiful area. We were surprised by about 6 inches of snow the second morning which added to the fun.

All photo comments for this album

Sher: Good for a Christmas Card

Mom Takahashi: Such a beautiful picture

Barb Takahashi: Cute boys

Sher: Love you Honey, we need to get away more often.

Barb Takahashi: yes, we do . . . anyplace, as long as you are there.

Sher: The best things in life are free.

Barb Takahashi: Hear, hear. My favorites are pines

Barb Takahashi: Beautiful, Daniel

Bill: Spaten? Love the way the light comes through it.

Daniel: I'm actually not sure what beer this was. Maybe Josh can tell us.

Sher: You should see the way the light shines through, after you've had a few.

Sher: Cheers!

Sher: Dad, What are you doing?

Sher: This one is for you Auntie Katie.

Sher: Dad, I want this one.

Katie: This is a very arresting picture!

Sher: Dad...Dad...Dad! Thats tight enough.

(anonymous): Ah, men at work. Love Sher's iChop

Erica: sorry that was me

Sher: My wireless connection wasn't working that day.

Sher: Camera Falling.

Sher: Learning about this eco system was fun..

Sher: Believe it or not it's a pinecone.

Sher: Girl power!

Sher: Cute

Sher: Next year we will have Naomi in the picture. You just couldn't see her this time.

Sher: Papa Bear and Momma Bear

Sher: This would make a great Christmas Card for the two of you.

Katie: oh those cheeks! That boy is so darn cute!

Sher: Cute it.

Barb Takahashi: another nice shot

Katie: The photographer is flexing his power at us all

Sher: An the snow came a tumbling down. Off the trees that is.

Katie: Beautiful Mom!

Sher: Yes She is, no doubt in my mind.

Sher: He is frozen in place

Sher: Nice post card?

Sher: Beautiful, seasons first snow fall, a winter wonderland

Sher: Kione, on three we will throw a snowball at the camera

Sher: Nice Kate, what is it?

Barb Takahashi: Keone about to wallop his dad. Katelyn losing her glove.

Sher: Kione, Dad loves to have fun doesn't he

Barb Takahashi: No, they are not naked.

Katie: woohoo! ;)

Sher: Ice them down Kione

Katie: neat shot!

Sher: Would make a great Post Card

Barb Takahashi: Hi, Keone! It was cold, wasn't it?

Sher: proud Nana, Keone your cute

Sher: awwwwww

Sher: Lovely couple

Katie: great shot!

Sher: Bean was sure having fun on his first day in the snow

Barb Takahashi: awesome

Sher: He is going to be a lady killer with that smile.

Katie: For some reason in this shot it looks like Justen just accidentally tossed Zeke too high in the air, and Zeke is soaring up over the fence outside of the photo frame...

Katie: What a great picture of winter! (setting aside the fact that it was barely October when this shot was taken ...)

Katie: Cutie! I want the punkin with the stripes on it.

Katie: Wow, that background totally looks fake!

Katie: If I owned this land, I'd want to make a fort out on it and play on it all the time!

Katie: It's so amazing how similar it can look to tropical water when it's so much colder than tropical water!

Barb Takahashi: Great shot!

Barb Takahashi: Hi, Katelyn - love you . . . Nana

Barb Takahashi: Cutie Pies.

Justen: American Gothic...Part 2

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