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Naomi Peckham Birth Photos

Naomi's Birth

Katie began early labor around 5:30 pm on Friday, December 11 (2 days after her due date). These contractions were significantly stronger and more regular than the Braxton Hicks contractions she'd been having for months, but they were also mild enough that she was able to sleep for a few hours through the night to rest up for the work ahead.

Her water broke at 4 am the next morning (Saturday, December 12), and active labor began (ouch). Soon after that, we called our friend Emily, who is training to be a doula and had agreed to support Katie in labor. Katie labored for about 5 hours at home, and we headed for the hospital around 9 am. Katie checked in at 7cm dilated, but unfortunately plateaued here for several more hours. Finally at 4 pm, she had reached 9.5cm and was able to start pushing.

At 6:36 pm on Saturday, December 12, our precious little Naomi Julian made her way into the world.

All photo comments for this album

SherTakahashi: My comment to Grandpa Grider was they forgot to put it away.

Emily: Oh wow - I bet someone was in trouble when they found it later! Those things are "medical waste"! :)

Katie: With the curtain there, it looks like this is the remains of the last patient :)

Katie: Side note: In the original placenta pic, Dad is holding up the placenta in his bare hands, so this one's a bit tamer... ;)

Kevin Matsumoto: Looks like steak marinating in Teriakki sauce....LOL

Katie: Still don't have a decent family pic, after almost 4 months...

Katie: I'm so glad Erica was there through the labor too! Even with a 9-month-old of her own, she drove all the way up to LA and cheered me on through the tough part. (And then stayed around afterwards to help us figure out breastfeeding! Sure is great to have a postpartum nurse for a sister...) Love you E!

SherTakahashi: Thank you Hilary...God bless you.

Emily: She was one cool midwife. I'm referring any Kaiser patients I know to her.

Melissa Sturgeon: Congrats and wow you are lucky! I ended up with 2 midwives I had never met who delivered Caden because they were changing shifts just as I was 10cm and ready to push. But it turned out just fine. They didn't do much anyways. Andrew and I did all the work until the 20 minutes of pushing at the very end and the stitching part.

Katie: Melissa - I'm glad it turned out ok. I had a nurse shift change right as I began pushing, but it ended up being huge that I was able to have Hilary there the whole time, as her discernment in the delivery was crucial (and saved me from having a c-section!)

Andria Guerrero: That must be a really sweet sound to patients who are ill, great idea.

Julie DeHart: That's a great idea. Love the respect of life they are showing. :)

Kristi: That's sweet.

Melissa Sturgeon: Cool! Our Kaiser didn't have that.

SherTakahashi: I love the look on Hilary's face - she's so serene.

Kristi: Our baby girl has had her arms up and hands around her face at each u/s too! Does she continue to do it now?

Daniel: Yes, it's still one of her favorite positions. :)

Mom Takahashi: Traditional family picture. We now have 2 generations of placenta pictures for our Fractured Photo Album.

SherTakahashi: EWWWWWW

Katie: Awesome. I was so glad Erica got this - I was wondering what that thing looked like! :)

Tim: YESSSSS! Dinner!!!

Aunt Erica: Naomi's "home" for the last 9 months

Carrie Kokoska: Four babies and that is the first placenta I have seen!

Katie: Wow Tim, I'd heard that some women eat their placentas later (like in a soup or something), but you must be a really committed Dad to do it ;)

Ashley Nick: That's awesome.

Mom Takahashi: I love this one

Kristi: Love this one!

Elena: Beautiful. Congratulations!

SherTakahashi: Look Nana, it's the Peckhams

Donni: What a great picture!

Katie: And they sure are wrinkly little suckers after her 9-month bath! :)

SherTakahashi: Benjamin Button's feet?

Kristi: Prunny feet!

Emily: Beautiful.

Julie DeHart: Love it.

Kristi: Like this one.

Katie: Only the greatest husbands will love their wives through something like this (especially when those husbands have food poisoning! :( )

SherTakahashi: Such a dedicated Husband

(anonymous): That was so great!

Mom Peckham: Sorry, that last comment was from me.

Kristi: This particular photo brought tears to my eyes... what Grace to have such a tender touch from such a trusted friend at such a vulnerable time.

Julie DeHart: Funny.

Crystal: hahaha

Crystal: Awwwww!

Julie DeHart: Love it! She is absolutely precious. Blessings to you all. :)

SherTakahashi: A Star is born.

Julie DeHart: She's smiling :) So glad she has you as parents.

Katie: This is her daddy's favorite position too: feet up.

Julie DeHart: So cute; it's instinctual :)

Katie: "Mom, something terrible happened last night! Everything was dark and warm but then suddenly it was all cold and bright and different and I didn't know where you were... Was that a dream?"

Julie DeHart: So sweet!

Mom Takahashi: Naomi faces her first and most loving audience.

Julie DeHart: Love it. :)

SherTakahashi: Oh, Hi Mom, is that you Dad?

Julie DeHart: Love Daniel's expression. I am always amazed at the wonder of God to create the blessing of parenthood.

Mom Takahashi: What a sweet, helpless face . . .

Katie: "helpless" - this was one of the things that struck me the most from those first few hours after she was born... so human in wanting to be "ok" (comforted, warm, fed, loved), but so completely unable to do any of it for herself. So dear! It just makes me want to go kiss her right now!

Tim: Awwww. This is a great picture.

Christa: love this one

Julie DeHart: You just want to hug & squeeze 'em, kids are so precious!

SherTakahashi: Thank you Emily

Emily: My pleasure! :) It was fun helping Katie - she was so positive and willing to take suggestions and try new things.

Mom Peckham: Great picture - thanks also from us to Emily, as well as for the updates throughout labor!

Julie DeHart: Isn't it amazing how quickly a smile comes to the face after delivery. The pain of delivery near forgotten. :) God's beautiful gift. Love all these pictures. You will be excellent parents. Thanks for sharing these.

Mom Takahashi: A new adventure . . .

SherTakahashi: I love cruisen

Katie: Cruisin' and snoozin' - you got that right :)

Mom Peckham: Oh, I love this!

Andria Guerrero: So, so, so cute! I want to meet her sometime. Congrats you guys!

Katie: We can't wait for you to meet her Andria! (Notice her CUTE outfit? :) Thank you again - you outfitted most of my pregnancy and now most of Naomi's infancy :) :) )

Mom Takahashi: Love this one, too.

SherTakahashi: I want my Mommy!!!!

Mom Peckham: Showing off her startle reflex!!

Katie: I always thought she looked like she was conducting a grand orchestra when she would do this :)

Amy Merrill: Bringing tears to my eyes...wonderful job Katie!

Mom Takahashi: So precious.

Mom Peckham: I love this. All warm and contented again.

Mom Takahashi: What soulful little eyes she has.

Katie: Would have been nice to have the same kind of expression on my face as Daniel has on his, but I was delivering the placenta. =p

SherTakahashi: DAD are great they should be...Daniel you're the best

Mom Takahashi: Sweetie - I totally feel your pain.

Mom Takahashi: So itty bitty in her car seat!

SherTakahashi: Katie, you just look too good for just having given birth.

Aunt Erica: seriously

Aunt Erica: This is like the one I took of Justen and Ezekiel

Aunt Erica: hi

Aunt Erica: That was what made me cry, it was all too surreal until then

Andria Guerrero: Such a sweet face!

Mom Peckham: Good thing they have her identified! No way is anyone else going off with this baby!!

Mom Peckham: How great to have captured this in a photo! Be sure to put it in her baby book!

Mom Takahashi: Thank you for this treasure, my precious girl.

Mom Peckham: Precious 3 generational picture.

Mom Takahashi: That's our girl!!

Mom Peckham: Meeting her for the first time!

Mom Peckham: Wrap me up - I'm cold!!

Mom Peckham: What? You're leaving me alone??

Mom Peckham: Finally relaxed enough to smile!

SherTakahashi: Kaisers method of putting the Baby right on Moms chest (skin on skin)right after birth makes soo much sense.

Katie: "So then they cut my umbilical cord... that was pretty weird... and then..."

Mom Takahashi: WHOLE lotta lovin'

SherTakahashi: The men in this family don't have a chance with all these Beauties.

Katie: nah - you guys have Zeke and Keone - that's some stiff cuteness competition right there :)

SherTakahashi: Auntie Meghan wanted Naomi to be born on the 11th so they could be Birthday twins.

Mom Takahashi: My second granddaughter. I am so grateful, Lord.

SherTakahashi: But she also has a grandson too

Katie: But she's not grateful for him

SherTakahashi: Again, thank you Hilary

Mom Takahashi: There's a whole lot of love going on there.

SherTakahashi: Hi Precious

Mom Takahashi: What a blessed child to have such a great dad. Love you, Daniel.

SherTakahashi: Forever Daddys little girl.

SherTakahashi: I am so proud of you Kate, great recovery.

Mom Takahashi: Sweetest little face.

SherTakahashi: Now there's someone I recognize.

Mom Takahashi: "Quit poking at me . . . I just want my mommy"

SherTakahashi: Who the heck are you?

Daniel: A friendly round of arm wrestling to finish things off.

Katie: Unfortunately this photo reveals how I won: by sneakily using two hands instead of one. (I got to cheat because I just went through 25 hours of labor.)

SherTakahashi: All women are champions after going through Katie are the champion of champions

Mom Takahashi: Naomi likes Great Grandma Millie - she's smiling.

Mom Takahashi: Yes, we slept in our clothes to come back the next day.

Mom Takahashi: Beautiful!

Katie: Daniel looks like a vampire, sleeping through the day to save up energy for his nocturnal activities.

Katie: ha ha - check out all my juice boxes in the foreground on the left! I wonder how many dozens of those I plowed through in our time in the hospital...

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