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CA Coast Road Trip Photos - Pismo Dunes, Big Sur, San Francisco, Monterey, Hearst Castle

CA Coast Road Trip

We spent 2 weeks enjoying the coast of CA between LA and San Francisco. Here are some photos from our trip...

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Erica: That's moonlight?! Wow!!

Daniel: Yeah, 1 day after full moon, so the moon was quite bright. 74 second exposure.

Evan: This is a really good photo, Daniel. Absolutely lovely.

Daniel: Thanks, Evan!

Sher: You did make it to the gun emplacements. There's a youth hostel more to the west.

Mom Takahashi: wow . . . awesome shot.

Daniel: Sher - yes, I did drive farther to the youth hostel also.

Evan: This homesicks me!

Justen: Careful with that, we've let Ezekiel play in the front and now he gets super angry when he's put in his seat because he wants to drive.

Katie: Ah, good advice.

Erica: He says "go go" for cars. He has so much fun pretending to drive though.

Katie: "go go" - I love it!!

Mom Peckham: I'm glad she got used to the helmet! So cute.

Mom Takahashi: Hi, sweetheart!

Joe: LOVE this shot! Goes well with the shot of her with a rock climbing helmet at Joshua Tree. =)

Daniel: Ah, good point, Joe.

Katie: Joe - yeah! And this helmet is actually her size! :)

Mom Takahashi: Such sweet faces

Erica: She's getting more hair!

Katie: Yes she is! But still, on this trip I actually bought her a bunch of headbands. I'm just tired of correcting EVERYone who thinks she is a boy (even when she is wearing ALL PINK!) It doesn't offend me - I know it could be hard to tell - I just get tired of it.

The kicker was when she was wearing a pink headband with a big bow, and a pink outfit, and someone said, "What a handsome little guy". Um, ok - that's your problem buddy.

Sher: She is going to be one adventurous kid.

Erica: Aw, she has her cousins hat on!

Katie: E - yes!! That hat is THE BEST! It's the only hat that always fits her, no matter what age she is! I suppose that will end someday, but it hasn't yet! :) What is weird to me is that now, when she wears it, she looks like Zeke! (just meaning she is now as old/big as he was when she was born - vs. when she first got it it looked so much bigger on her). When she wore it on this trip, it was the first time she'd worn it since she was much tinier (last winter) so I really noticed that.

Daniel: I just posted a better (HDR) version of this photo to my photoblog here.

Erica: I love those feet!

Katie: =)

Sher: Now Daniels PG

Erica: Do you mean pregnant? From the thumbnail I thought he was preggers.

Sher: Harmonica?

Katie: No, looks like it though, doesn't it? This is the base on Daniel's tripod where his camera sits. She loves it.

Erica: Look at those beautiful eyes!

Mom Takahashi: such a little blondie now!

Erica: She is just the cutest little thing! I want to roll around with her and give her kisses!

Erica: So sweet!

Erica: Nomers looks very into it

Erica: That's so cool!

Erica: Nice

Katie: I like this shot. The glinting diamond ring somehow leads your eye to the eyesore of a watch I have on, covered in paint and as big as my face, and clashing beautifully with the ring. Daniel finally said to me recently, "You know Katie, we can get you a new watch..." I think he's a teensy bit embarrassed for me.

Mom Peckham: I LIKE your watch!

Sher: Maybe a bigger Diamond...oh say about half the size of the watch?

Jennie: What watch? - how could we get past that beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. Your spirit shines through. :)

Katie: awww, thanks Jennie! :)

Joe: I love this shot! I didn't even notice the watch. =)

Erica: I only saw it now that you pointed it out. It's a Webster thing.

Erica: Zeke's been having that problem these days too.

Matthew: ... not so awesome.


... sort of awesome? In a disturbingly "ew" kind of way?

Erica: This reminds me of your shark somehow.

Katie: We often look down and see her sitting with her ankles crossed these days. It looks so feminine and cute. She also points her toes a lot.

Erica: How cute!

Erica: Wow, and here she looks itty bitty

Erica: I want Daniel pictures all over my house.
Ezekiel loves the alligator. He's learning how to say it.

Daniel: I was very tempted to climb down, but decided to follow the rules.

Mom Peckham: Good boy.

Katie: It was pretty funny though, because while we watched the couple climbing down, we were standing beside an older couple. The older woman leaned over to me and said, "I know this is terrible, but don't you just wish they'd fall?" (which of course horrified and disgusted me, since I think she was serious, and I said, "Uh, no I don't" - they're trespassing... not murdering someone!)

What I did NOT tell her was that my own husband had been contemplating getting down there somehow... meaning I wasn't exactly the best person for her to be looking to for sympathy in her scrupulosity. :)

Erica: I'm glad you said that Katie.
This one makes me think of Peter Pan and Neverland.

Justen: "Get off the road!!!"


Sher: Muir Woods?

Katie: No, Big Sur. This trail starts near the tent cabin we stayed in at Fernwood Campground.

Erica: Gorgeous

Katie: I don't have a tumor growing out of my chest - that's Naomi's head, covered, while she sleeps in a carrier. Just in case you were wondering.

Mom Takahashi: I was.

Erica: I was not. Peek-a-boo!

Mom Peckham: Oh, how sweet!

Joe: LOVE it!

Sher: Beautiful.......

Mom Takahashi: Gorgeous. I love the dark contrastingwith their skin tones. Is there anything more perfect than a baby's skin? Pretty girls.

Gayle Grider: This is classic, one to be framed!

Erica: Love this, it almost took my breath away, love her rosy cheeks and Katie's smile :)

Joe: LOVE her face in this shot! Almost like a mischievous smile.

Sher: Go ahead Dad take that picture.

Erica: She's HUGE!

Erica: And cute of course!

Joe: That's pretty cool.

Joe: I'll bet many of Naomi's friends will be jealous of her years later...

Tim: "Sup."

(anonymous): Love this shot. =)

Daniel: Naomi is practicing her karate moves. Just in case.

Katie: Or else her glam model poses

Mom Peckham: Ha Ha, I can just imagine her trying to pull of her hat and her socks!

Katie: oh yes she was! :)

Mom Peckham: Lem needs something to chew on.

Katie: Yeah, we wouldn't let him chew on Naomi.

Mom Peckham: I think she's going to like scuba diving...

Katie: totally!

Justen: I didn't recognize it without the cop writing it a ticket.

Katie: what??

Andria Guerrero: We were just there at the end of July. The boys loved this part of the aquarium!

Katie: Neat! Yes, I can picture them loving it :) :)

Justen: That list must be filtered...on another note how freaky would it be if your name showed up while you were looking at it?

Justen: ...also my favorite is when people put in the web address as a search term.

Daniel: This was definitely filtered, and must have been restricted to a small subset because otherwise it would have been moving too fast to read.

And yes, I find it hilarious how many people search on google for website addresses.

Katie: Justen - I had the same thought (about your name showing up).

Matthew: Are you suggesting that Microsoft would not stoop to use cuteness as an aid to espionage?

Katie: Well, it's Microsoft. They're not so talented at the whole aesthetics thing. I doubt they could master the cuteness that Naomi emanates. Maybe Apple could.... nah.

Daniel: SHARK!

Matthew: BABY!


Sher: Monterey Bay? Monistary Beach? Did you make it to Carmel

Katie: I love the name Monastery Beach... wow. But no, this is Pismo Beach Dunes. We drove through Carmel but didnt' spend much time there.

Sher: Liquid Amber we planted one in our back yard, it will get this big too

Katie: Are you serious? Wow - I didn't know they could get that big.

Sher: What do you mean "I have to go to sleep now"

Katie: Actually, this is usually the face she is making when she's saying to us, "What do you mean I have to wake up from my nap now?" The other one looks like crying and fussing.

Katie: This picture is cute but ... odd. I am taller than Daniel, and Naomi looks like I'm about to drop her (she's in the carrier again).

Mom Peckham: Back to mittens and hat.

Sher: Did you ride your bike accross the Golden Gate?

Katie: No, that would have been awesome! But slow. The pedestrian path was pretty crowded. The San Fran Marathon goes over the bridge (they close teh road) - that would be cool to run.

Sher: Carmel river?

Katie: Nope, still Rocky Creek Bridge (and coastline)

Mom Takahashi: Is that a halo over our little angel's head? I do believe it is.

Katie: How ironic, since I was thinking a good caption for this one would be,

"Get your own yogurt."

:) :)

Mom Takahashi: Naomi looks huge here! Must be an illusion

Katie: Yeah, she does look really big here! Her head looks bigger than mine! :)

Matthew: Taken by Daniel Peckham...
Dang, you're more talented than I thought!

Mom Takahashi: Even cuter.

Katie: Yes, Matthew - you know how multi-talented his feet are.

Gayle Grider: I love the rays shining down on all of you!

Gayle Grider: I love the rays shining down on all of you!

Mom Takahashi: So sweet

Mom Takahashi: Crazy

Mom Takahashi: Great picture, Daniel

Mom Takahashi: cute

Sher: Looks like a great place to have a canopy zip line.

Mom Takahashi: Looks like our 3 redwoods in a hundred years.

Matthew: That brings back bittersweet memories of the Mariposa Grove. Bitter only because we're not there now...

Mom Takahashi: Heaven looks like this, I'm certain of it.

Mom Takahashi: "Sup."

Mom Takahashi: good mornng, sweetheart

Mom Takahashi: Gorgeous, Daniel.

Mom Takahashi: Ahhhhh my favorite . . .

Sher: There was a small beach next to this returant where I us to take my dive classes. I don't think they allow diving there anymore. Your about 4 blocks north of the Aquarium

Katie: How could anyone sleep with that many blaring colors going on around her? Guess you have to be 8 months old to know.

Justen: I don't think Naomi is actually there. I think you stuffed her clothes so that it would look like she was.

Sher: Definitly a flower child

Sher: The Famous Monterey Pine

Matthew: As Monica commented recently, all Chinatowns somehow look exactly the same...

Sher: AH... YA... Chinees people and lanterns, what did you expect

Sher: Did you know that Coit Tower is a fire nossal.

Sher: To many people....take me back to Muir Woods

Sher: From Fort Point?

Sher: Angel Island has a nice bike trail around it. Its the west coasts Staton Island.

Sher: Looks like my garage, except neater.

Katie: Wouldn't it be great to live in that home under the trees?

Matthew: Hell yes.

Sher: I almost bought a place like this further north when I was teaching SCUBA

Sher: I love this picture of Katie and on a minus tide too.

Matthew: You're amazing, Daniel...

Daniel: I have a similar photo in this exact same spot from 2007 with better lighting but worse composition (In my opinion, I should have included the horizon).

David: Another fantastic candidate for HDR.

Daniel: Yes! Can't wait to try.

David: Nice. Are you using Nikon? Capture NX2 makes it a piece of cake to get rid of the lens distortion of the horizon and staighten the horizon.

Daniel: Canon, and Aperture mostly for processing. Yeah, I should be able to correct it. Good point.

David Price: What is this plant? I've been photographing it a lot up here around Humboldt Bay but don't recognise it in my plant books.

Daniel: Hi David - thanks for stopping by. I'm not exactly sure the name of that plant, actually. My Dad probably knows... :)

David: Love the wide angle. What focal length are you using? Wouldn't this look terrific in HDR!

Daniel: Thanks. This was at 24mm on a full-frame camera - Canon 5D (you can view the stats to the right of the photo on this page). I did shoot 3 exposures, so I'll probably try an HDR version.

Mom Peckham: Now THIS would make a great picture for an advertisement, even if they didn't pay you for it!

Mom Takahashi: OOOOhhhh , such a big girl!

Katie: Mom T - that was my same thought... I looked at this and thought, "My baby is growing up!!!" I know she still looks small but you can see her teeth, plus something about her sleeves rolled up and standing and the apron... she just looks like she's ready to start preschool or something! :)

Katie: Mom, I want to find the photos of me with the laundry basket as a baby :)

Mom Takahashi: Yes, we need to. You picked everything one at a time and dropped them in a pile on the floor (grrr . . . all those clean diapers!). Naomi did the laundry smackdown and just turned the basket over!

Mom Peckham: Look at those blue eyes!

Matthew: It's hard not to1

Mom Takahashi: kiss, kiss

Mom Takahashi: sweet little faces . . .

David: Yeah, here are those plants again. What are they?

Matthew: That's a bad thing?

David: Take away the glass and you've got an ideal cure for NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder)

David: Love this picture!

Matthew: The energy exerted to obtain the chocolate makes it taste better.

Matthew: At the corner of Jekyll and Hyde?

Matthew: I love that the nametag is almost as big as her head.

Matthew: Awesome!

Justen: Awesome.

Katie: I'm sure you're thinking of all the money we could make by selling this photo to some kids' music artist for an album cover, but I refuse to get my child involved in the entertainment industry, so stop trying to talk me into it.

Daniel: The pedestrians were supposed to be on the sidewalk, but there were stairs, so we went down the road instead.

Katie: And I do.

Daniel: Note the handy "Windows 95 Programming for Dummies" book.

Katie: Yes, I could have gotten out, but not with a sleeping baby in the backseat.

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