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Photos - Naomi's 1st Birthday Party

Naomi's 1st Birthday Party

We gathered with friends and family to celebrate Naomi's first birthday and here are some photos from that day.

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Barbara Takahashi: such a cute picture of both of you!

Mom Peckham: whoops. gotta watch her.

Mom Peckham: Good thing Uncle Lloyd didn't play rubberbands with her...

Katie: cute boy!!

Mom Peckham: He looks like Tony Rafetto when a baby! Hmmm. I guess they aren't related...

Mom Peckham: Love it

Mom Takahashi: Hi, sweet face

Christa: Love this!

Miriam: beautiful birthday outfit!!! :)

Mom Peckham: Feelin' pretty brave.

Mom Peckham: On 3 screens, no less. It is SUCH a great video!

Daniel: Plate for dessert

Miriam: LOL!! LOVE this one!

Calva: Very cute!! Look at those teeth!!

Katie: so cute!

Calva: I cannot believe how big he has gotten!!

Katie: due only 2 days apart... coming soon!

Calva: Oh Babies!!

Mom Takahashi: adorable

Daniel: Her candle broke before the party started, but my Dad and I melted it back together.

Daniel: Her first camera!

Tim: Now that is the way to eat cake!

Daniel: Too much sugar! Can't handle it.

Katie: telling uncle josh about all her exploits

Katie: A bit tipsy on pizza crust

Katie: I never feed either of them at home.

Katie: puppy!

Katie: "So I like swinging with my puppy. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

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