It was so funny to watch these gulls slipping around on the slimy rock at this one spot on the beach. There was muck or algae or something REALLY slick, and unfortunately Uncle Karl and I discovered this the hard way (but not like you might think). We were standing there as two girls walked up to the area (there was a little waterfall, so it attracted people's attention). Uncle Karl said, "Go ahead and walk across it." I think he thought they were intimidated by the birds standing there, and weren't sure if they should keep walking if it would disturb the birds. So one took courage and marched across the rock, straight towards the birds. Not two steps across, her feet were right out from under her and she landed hard on the ground! I think Karl felt bad, but we didn't know how slick it would be. Less than 5 minutes later, another woman did exactly the same thing! This time, she did it before we could stop her, or we would have. But watching the birds slip was hilarious! They never actually landed, but they'd look all gruff and proper, like fat old English gentlemen, and then they'd bobble around and catch their balance. :) :)